Unicorn Portrait Sessions


We invite you to step into a magical land where unicorns are real! Our enchanted photo sessions are held in Raleigh, NC with child and family photographer Abigail Chopel. These photoshoots are perfect for kids ages 2-12. Abigail will guide you through the creative process which includes helping you choose the perfect outfit for your kids to wear. We work with a real horse, bringing the magic to life!

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girl wearing a crown and sitting on the back of a white unicorn in a magical forest

Details + Investment


These imaginative photoshoots are held outdoors in Raleigh, North Carolina. We work with a gentle and well-mannered stallion who is accustomed to being near children. For smaller kids we have a sweet-natured pony. During the photoshoot children will get a chance to meet our unicorn friend, feed them a treat, and even take a ride.

Fairytale collections begin at $550 and include hi-res, carefully edited digital images. Additional images and tangible artwork options are available.

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