Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients are working professionals with little time to spare. We are accustomed to working with busy people, and that’s why we handle all the details for you. All we need from you is a few minutes to sit down at the studio and enjoy a glass of wine – we’ll take it from there.  

Part of our job is to understand what looks good and why. We truly enjoy every aspect of being a portrait artist, and that job goes far beyond simply capturing beautiful images. At the design appointment we will offer to photograph a few walls in your home that will make good candidates for the artwork. Later, at the ordering appointment, we will show you what our sophisticated software can do: realize to-scale how the portraits will appear on your walls. Clients love that visual aid and they love our “artist’s suggestions.” More often than not, clients end up selecting the artwork and frames we picked out for them.

This comes up often, but, truthfully, how you appear in a photograph has far more to do with the way you are posed, dressed, and what equipment your photographer uses than what your scale may say. Proper angles, flattering light, and a little wardrobe foresight can instantly make you drop 20 pounds, just as poor technique can add weight. Fortunately you are working with a professional who has many years of experience making people look their very best.

As a mama myself, I understand that kids will be kids, and that’s OK. That’s why I approach the portrait session with a planning meeting so that you can tell me all about your little ones. I always take into account nap time when selecting a time and place for the portrait session, I also advise parents to give kids a snack (not sugar!) before we begin so they are happy, have full bellies, and feel ready to rock. Often times I meet my client’s children before the session, and it helps little ones feel at ease to have that familiarity; in fact, most of them love seeing “Miss Abigail” again!

Clients come to me for finished artwork that’s ready to display and enjoy in their homes, not on their phones. So while the focus is always on heirloom artwork I understand that digital copies play an important role in modern day. That’s why many of my wall art offerings come with complimentary digital files.

You would be surprised! We can help you find space just about anywhere. Sometimes it’s just a matter of rearranging some things, and we will help you figure it all out. We have re-designed rooms for clients before, in established and transition homes alike.

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