The Custom Experience

The Importance of Full Service

We are a full-service photography studio making the process of obtaining top-quality portraiture and heirloom artwork for your home fun and enjoyable.  Every portrait we create is a special commission designed especially with our client’s home in mind. Proper planning is essential to a successful portrait session and that is why we begin with an in-person consultation.

Planning Meeting

It all begins with a relaxing in-person consultation where we will sit down together to dream and design the perfect portrait session. At this meeting we will cover what to wear, what location suits you best, and we will talk about the space in your home where you would like your portraits to be displayed.

Wardrobe Guidance

Many clients are nervous about what to wear for their portrait sessions. Outfitting an entire family can be an overwhelming task, and we understand what that feels like. That’s why we are here for you. We will make lots of suggestions at the planning session; we often send you home with a color palette to help you visualize the end result; or, if you prefer, we will even visit your home and help you sort through your closet to pick out some possibilities. The goal is to make you feel confident going into your shoot. Think of us as your personal image consultants. We are here to make your life easy.

ornate bronze canvas in living room

Interior Design

Our biggest compliment, and we receive it often, is hearing that our portraits warm the room and complete it. This does not happen by random luck but by careful planning and attention to detail. We take into consideration your personal decor style. We will ask you to take a snapshot of your walls or to let us stop by and photograph them ourselves. This allows us to do a number of things. For one, we can’t design a portrait for a room we haven’t seen. Two, having an image of your space allows us to use our sophisticated software to simulate to-scale how your portraits will look on your walls so that you can make an informed selection at the ordering appointment. And once your artwork is ready we will deliver it to your door and help you install it on your walls.

The Museum Canvas

Built by hand by master craftsmen and artists, our Museum Canvases are crafted using only the finest materials. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Images are archivally mounted onto the naturally-woven fiber canvas (not printed directly on to the canvas like many labs do). Select from a gallery wrap style or one of our many elegant frames.

Handcrafted by Artists

Each piece is built by hand by master craftsmen. The canvas receives about 15 coats of acrylic lacquer which transforms your portrait into an original work of art. This clear coating both adds dimension to the artwork and provides protection against UV rays, fingerprints and everyday life. If your canvas gets dirty, simply wipe it with Windex or a damp cloth; this will not harm your artwork!

Furniture for the Wall

Elegance that will astound your guests and remind you who is most important in your life. We receive this compliment often: that our canvases warm and complete the room in which they hang.


Often described as “furniture for the wall,” your Museum Canvas will surely take center stage. Once your heirloom artwork is ready it will be delivered to your home and professionally installed on your walls.

framed picture of smiling family in foyer

The Heirloom Album

Handcrafted • CustomDesigned • Genuine Italian Leather • European Linens  

Small replica albums available for family gifts.

family photo album close up
family photo album on coffee table in raleigh nc
gift box stamped in gold
closeup of beautiful ornate frame and artist signature

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